Walking around Los Naranjos

I took a few pictures of people, homes and other things around Los Naranjos de Castillo.  This is the community I was sent to as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1987.  The second volunteer sent this community named Charlotte, married Jaime Gomez who is a mentor of mine in understanding the genetics of cacao and farm management.  There is currently a volunteer named Courtney who is assigned to work with the women’s cooperative to develop and expand their business.

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Loma de Jaya, Weekly Meetings

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These are the women of Loma de Jaya who make chocolate.  They meet each Monday at 4 pm sharp.  The take minutes and attendance.  Each pays RD$10 each week and there is an open environment for all to speak.  Miguel Hernandez attended the July 29th meeting.  He makes the chocolate processing machines and will assist the group to access government financing and install the machinery.  He has already outfitted two other groups in the country and has long worked with these groups on small machines.